Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tree House (phase 1)

Summer time is here which means projects. After watching "Click" with my wife -- the Adam Sandler comedy where the remote control becomes the universal control for his life -- I thought about how many times I've told the kids "sure, I'll build you a tree house", and then it never happens (you'll have to see the movie to understand the context). Now that we actually have a yard with big, fully grown trees, I decided NOW IS THE TIME.

I found two big pine trees and decided to build a 8' x 8' wooden platform about ~9-10ft. above the ground. I am not a
carpenter but I've learned a lot in the process -- it was a lot of fun! I bought myself my first "skil saw" to add to the collection of power tools. I learned to measure twice, cut once. The girls helped and it's been a great project over the last few weekends.

Phase 1 is complete. Phase 2 will be to add railings and find a slide to attach to the far end. Phase 3 will be to add a zip line from tree house to distant tree on the other side of the yard. The slope in our yard will provide for a very nice ride!