Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tree House (phase 1)

Summer time is here which means projects. After watching "Click" with my wife -- the Adam Sandler comedy where the remote control becomes the universal control for his life -- I thought about how many times I've told the kids "sure, I'll build you a tree house", and then it never happens (you'll have to see the movie to understand the context). Now that we actually have a yard with big, fully grown trees, I decided NOW IS THE TIME.

I found two big pine trees and decided to build a 8' x 8' wooden platform about ~9-10ft. above the ground. I am not a
carpenter but I've learned a lot in the process -- it was a lot of fun! I bought myself my first "skil saw" to add to the collection of power tools. I learned to measure twice, cut once. The girls helped and it's been a great project over the last few weekends.

Phase 1 is complete. Phase 2 will be to add railings and find a slide to attach to the far end. Phase 3 will be to add a zip line from tree house to distant tree on the other side of the yard. The slope in our yard will provide for a very nice ride!


Todd said...

Lookin good ;) We'll have to come visit you guys and check it all out...

The Giles Files said...

looks great! When your done with that you can come over to our house...the kids would love a fort! :)